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The Fintech entrepreneur’s guide to financial services, regulations and regulatory strategy. This book

  • Describes the purpose of and principle behind modern financial services regulation
  • Explains how to include regulation into strategic planning to optimize time-to-market and scaling
  • Gives an overview of the entire financial services space, and which regulations apply where
  • Gives detailed references to 20 key regulations in the EU regulatory system, including PSD, GDPR, CRD, AMLD, MiFID, UCITSD, AIFMD
  • Financial services explained
  • Regulations – why, what and how?
  • Regulatory strategy
  • References of the 20 most important EU regulations

Financial Services

Financial services is a huge field of interdependent actors that provides a fundamental service to the modern economy. To avoid unpleasant surprises it is crucial for every participant – Fintechs included – how they fit into the overall system.


Financial markets are big, interlinked and prone to market failure from time to time. For the financial system to serve the modern economy properly, enlightened Goldilocks regulation (not too much, not too little) is of fundamental importance.

Regulatory Strategy

Every Fintech player operating in the financial system will be subject to regulation. Many regard this as a necessary evil, but playing the regulatory game right bolsters a company’s success. Successfully navigating the regulatory djungle is a key strategic advantage.

"Having been a Fintech venture capital investor for many years now, I am keenly aware of the importance of regulation. Indeed, one of the main issues I encountered when assessing a potential investment is how well-versed the founding team is when it comes to regulatory matters. This will most assuredly be even more important going forward. As such, I am delighted to see Stefan, a Fintech expert I rely on often and who I hold in great respect, covering financial regulatory matters and how important they are for entrepreneurs in his new book. If you are serious about Fintech, please read this book."

Full Chapter Overview

The book comes in two parts. The first part contains the book’s narrative section. It first lays out a framework for Fintech companies to follow who have to include regulations into their strategic planning. It then goes on to provide more detailed overview over financial services regulations, both from a high level conceptual point of view, and how regulations are applied in practice. The first part finishes with three chapters that lay out the entire traditional financial services industry, and explains how its different parts are regulated.

Chapter 1

Regulatory strategy for Fintech companies

Chapter 2

Overview of financial services regulation

Chapter 3

Regulation in practice

Chapter 4

The financial services industry

Chapter 5

Retail financial services products

Chapter 6

Wholesale financial services products

Part 2

Selected regulations in detail TODO

What people are saying

One of the most popular book in its category!

Testimonial author

Pascal Bouvier

Fintech VC

If you are serious about Fintech, please read this book.

Testimonial author

Simon Vans Colina


If you think of regulation as too hard, you’ll either end up in jail or fail for having never tried. In a world where tech is colliding with finance it’s great that someone’s finally written the missing manual!

Testimonial author

Sid Singh

Fintech investments, bulge bracket US investment bank

Successfully engaging with regulation will differentiate winners from losers in Fintech, and this book offers a strong foundation for founders and investors alike.

Testimonial author

Jonathan Howitt

Chief Risk Officer, World Food Programme

Stefan lucidly and succinctly captures the essence of relevant regulation for Fintech firms. His book is a very helpful summary of regulatory and risk management priorities.

Testimonial author

A Moore

Amazon Review

Great present for anyone involved in the financial sector regulation! Finally someone had the stamina to sift through financial services regulation and identify what’s relevant for fintech! The book is very well structured, has an excellent overview of who-is-who in the regulatory space and a handy index of regulatory terminology.

Testimonial author


Amazon Review

It’s an excellent book and it is very well-written. A great introduction into financial services and their regulations, not just suitable for Fintech entrepreneurs, but really for everyone starting out in finance. The reference section is especially helpful: it is like a big table of contents for the most important regulations.

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Stefan K Loesch

Stefan K Loesch

financial services veteran, tech entrepreneur, regulatory expert

Stefan Loesch is an experienced financial services executive, tech entrepreneur, and author. He is currently working on a number of ventures that use crypto and blockchain technology within the framework of traditional finance and regulation. His past ventures include an early stage peer-to-peer lending start-up and an edtech start-up. He is co-editor and one of the authors of PRMIA’s Professional Risk Managers Handbook. In the past, he was an Executive Director at J.P. Morgan, and a consultant in McKinsey’s Corporate Finance practice. He holds a degree in Physics from the University of Bonn and an MBA from INSEAD.

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